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White Glove Print Services

A smart cost control strategy

Cutting costs without compromising productivity

In today’s environment, businesses are laser-focused on reducing expenses. However, blind cost-cutting often backfires by harming productivity and operations. The key is optimizing areas that are currently unmanaged.

One common unmanaged expense is office printing. Over time, organizations accumulate printers without a centralized management strategy. While these devices are critical for daily tasks, most companies have limited visibility into their true operating costs.

According to InfoTrends, office printing accounts for 1-3% of revenues, a figure rising with increased color printing. Without optimization, printing simply becomes an ever-growing line item.

Our white glove print services solution fixes this issue by placing your printer fleet under proactive management. We conduct in-depth audits to analyze your current print infrastructure. Leveraging this data, we can right-size your fleet, reduce excess printing, and transition to a predictable per-page pricing model.

The result? Maximized productivity and bottom-line savings. Take control of your print environment with the help of experts.

How to control and reduce print costs

1. Discover What You Have

Most of our clients have no idea how many print devices they have and what these devices cost to operate. Our rapid discovery technology allows us to quickly compile a report of your printing devices, their average usage and the total cost of ownership.

2. Outsource the Management of Your Printers

Most companies outsource non-core areas of their business to save money and improve service. You can outsource the management of your printers to us. In this arrangement, a simple cost per page includes supplies, help desk support and service.

3. Optimize Your Fleet

We will meet with you on a regular basis to review your print usage reports. Using this data we can collaborate to uncover additional ways to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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I’ll get straight to it: Levifi is the most responsive, attentive company I have encountered in my business dealings. Billy Petty is my sales agent, and he always responds to my needs in a timely manner. Likewise, even Todd Christianson, the VP of Sales for Levifi, is accessible and I can readily reach him too. Taking it one step further, even Thomas Fimian, the CEO, is accessible for customer contact. It’s remarkable how well this company communicates.

Tim Anderson, Columbia, SC

So happy we called today. Carlos Valencia was a HERO. He was so helpful and patient – helped us solve three problems we have been trying to get fixed for a month. THANK YOU from Team Ryder!

Ryder Hotel, Charleston, SC

Levifi has been an incredible company to work with. They always provide quick and professional service for everything that our company needs! Jose Lagoa and Jason Myers specifically are wonderful to work with. They go above and beyond to provide you with the best service. We highly recommend Levifi!

Post On, Charleston, SC

This company is very reliable and customer service is top rate!!

Lola, Myrtle Beach, SC

Our company was brand new when we were introduced to Levifi – and it was one of the best business decisions we made to go with them. The customer service and product inventory has been great! To make our business relationship even better, our Rep, Brian Marshall, is the best in the industry. He consistently offers solutions when we are faced with new challenges, and makes sure things are smooth and seamless!

Amy Maier, Hickory, NC

I’m a customer of Levifi through my business. I have been extremely satisfied that I have received from Randy Wynne on the sales side and Mike from the Technical side. Whenever I call I get amazing and prompt service. I find them to be very knowledgeable with their products and always have a solution.

Barry Lodge, Savannah, GA

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Amber and Missy for delivering excellent service and first-rate customer satisfaction on a daily basis. It is clear that in their role they focus on 100% customer satisfaction. Amber and Missy are always willing to go above and beyond in order to help manage customer’s expectations and concerns effectively, accurately and in a timely basis.

Tamara James, Wilmington, NC

After working with Levifi for over 10 years this review is long overdue! Customer Service at its best! Great experience with my Xerox Consultant, Randy Sparks and the Xerox Service Engineer, Richard Morrissette. The folks at the call center are equally as helpful. Everyone has been super helpful and accommodating.

Suzan Weber, Beaufort, SC

Levifi has always been extremely responsive and has shown great customer support to our company. Darrin is a pleasure to work with, and always goes above and beyond to make sure our machines are serviced properly and running efficiently.

Kristen Johnson, Fayetteville, NC

I have moved majority of my equipment to Levifi, just waiting for two more contracts to expire. Thanks John

Catawba, Rock Hill, SC

Brian Marshall and his team are the best; have worked with him for the past 5 years, and his sales and service are top notch. Highly recommend!

Debbier Powers, Hickory NC