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Interactive Displays

Revolutionize collaboration with Newline interactive displays

Newline introduces an all new interactive ecosystem powered by an innovative set of digital tools. Their solutions help you work more efficiently or bring interactivity to your students. With Newline at the heart of your organization, meeting rooms, classrooms, conference calls and collaboration sessions are on a whole new level.

Q Series High Performance Interactive Display Solution

Newline’s Q Series answers the call for a more customized and fast-paced digital touch experience. Your favorite peripheral devices such as your laptop down to your mobile phone are constantly evolving, requiring new connectivity options and fluid integration. As your core technology solution for work, the touch display must always maintain the same pace of improvements. That’s why the Q Series is your #1 solution to a highly customized and peak performing digital collaboration hub.

The Newline Z Series is the Next Generation of Collaboration

Newline Z Series brings you an immersive and effective collaboration experience in the modern classroom and workspace. The UC Ready Z Series display comes with an onboard computer (OPS) integrated into the display, no extra devices needed, and a flexible 4K wide-angle camera that can capture video throughout the room. Experience communication in a whole new way and interact without limitations on the Z Series.

Newline Interactive NT Series Non-Touch Display

The NT Series is a non-touch display that brings your presentations to life in vivid Ultra-High Definition (4K) resolution. Focus on just the tools you need to succeed in your organization without paying more for features you won’t use.

Newline Flex is Leading Desktop Collaboration

Flex sees you, Flex hears you, and Flex recognizes you. Video meetings can often become tiring. Bad sound or image quality complicates clear communication and ultimately work productivity suffers. Flex can ensure a better experience from your end—as if people are in the room with you! Capture your voice without background interference. Experience clear visuals with the 4K camera. Enjoy a better sound experience through high-end speakers with a subwoofer.

Newline Interactive Visual Communication Solution Software

Newline Visual Communication Solutions powered by TSN is a digital broadcast network designed to provide unified visual communications in schools and businesses. Broadcast important and engaging messages to employees, students, and the community directly through a Newline panel without the need for a separate media player. Leverage your Newline display for all your digital signage and visual communication needs.